Help: Subjects Search

  • Enter your search terms in the Subjects search window

  • Your search is executed when you click the Search and Display button

  • Your terms will be searched in the following fields:

    - Geological Subject Categories (e. g. metallic minerals, petrology, stratigraphy)
    - Geological Keywords (e. g. basalts, till geochemistry, scheelite)
    - Geological Nomenclature (e. g. Meguma Gp, Halifax Fm, Coxheath Mine, Hylonomus)
    - Geological Age (e. g. Cambrian, Triassic, Paleozoic)
    - Illustrations (e. g. drillhole logs, seismic profiles, variation diagrams)
    - Mining Districts (e. g. Tangier Gold District, Londonderry Iron District, Pictou Coalfield)

  • The Subjects field contains all the geological descriptors associated with the document except the types of maps in the document. These are found in the Map Types field

Sample Searches

  • Exact Subjects Search
    - click Subject Browse button to see listing of Subjects terms
    - use Go To button to search for your Subjects term
    - click Checkbox to select 1 or more Subjects term(s)
    - click Add/Back to Search button to add term(s) to Subjects search window

  • Multiple Subjects Search

    • to find documents containing all of your Subjects, put an & symbol between the terms:

      e. g. gold&silver finds documents with gold AND silver in the Subjects fields

    • to find documents containing any of your Subjects, put a | symbol between the terms:

      e. g. gold|silver finds documents with gold OR silver in the Subjects fields

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