Help: Simple Search

  • Simple Search is a quick way to search for a specific term or terms simultaneously in the Titles, Authors, Subjects and Areas fields. However, if you search for a term that is not contained in the Simple Search fields, then you will get no hits. You are advised to use the Specific Search Browse buttons in order to identify the correct term or terms to be used in your search

  • Both AND or OR searches can be done in Simple Search, using the & (Shift 7) and | (Shift \) symbols

  • Enter your search terms in the Simple Search window

  • Your search is executed when you click the Search and Display button

  • Your terms will be searched in the following fields:

    - Titles (Document Titles, Meeting Titles)
    - Authors (Authors, Editors, Compilers, Companies, Government Departments, Institutions, Universities)
    - Subjects (Geological Subject Categories, Geological Keywords, Geological Nomenclature, Geological Age, Illustrations, Mining District)
    - Areas (Geographic Area, County, Mining District)

  • The contents of the above fields are more fully described under the Advanced Search Help buttons for these fields

Sample Searches

  • To find documents with all of your terms in them, put an & symbol between the terms:

    e. g. gold&geology&assays will find documents with gold AND geology AND assays in any of the above four fields

  • To find documents with any of your terms in them, put a | symbol between your terms:

    e. g. gold|geology|assays will find documents with gold OR geology OR assays in any of the above four fields


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