Help: Searching NovaScan

General Information

  • You can use upper or lower case letters in the Simple and Advanced Search windows

  • Use the & symbol (Shift 7) in an AND search e. g. gold&silver

  • Use the | symbol (Shift \) in an OR search e. g. gold|silver

  • An AND search will always retrieve a smaller number of hits compared to an OR search. OR searches often retrieve very large numbers of hits which may affect system performance

  • More detailed help instructions and examples are provided through the Help buttons associated with the individual field search windows

Simple Search

  • Simple Search allows you to simultaneously search in the Titles, Authors, Subjects and Areas fields

  • Simple Search allows you to search the Titles and Subjects fields for any geological term(s) used in the database, with the exception of map types. Use the Map Types field in Advanced Search if you want to find specific types of geological maps

  • You can do AND or OR searches in Simple Search, using the & and | symbols

Advanced Search

  • Advanced Search allows you to search in individual fields or combinations of these fields

  • The Browse buttons allow you to identify and select the correct search terms

  • You can do OR searches within any individual field using the | symbol

  • You can do AND searches in the Titles, Authors, Subjects, Areas and Map Types fields using the & symbol

  • You cannot do AND searches in the NTS or Document Number fields

  • Combined searches involving two or more fields are executed as an AND search:

    e. g. if you select Authors = Kontak, D J along with Subjects = tin, this search will find documents with Kontak as the Author AND containing tin in the Subjects field


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