Help: NTS Search

General Information

  • NTS (National Topographic System) is an alpha-numeric map grid covering the Canadian landmass

  • The NTS map grid covering Nova Scotia can be viewed at:

  • NTS values for Nova Scotia are in the form, nna/xxy, where:

    • nn is the number of a 1:1 000 000 map sheet: e. g. 11

    • a is the letter of a 1:250 000 map sheet: e. g. 11E

    • xx is the number of a 1:50 000 map sheet: e. g. 11E/01, 11E/16

    • y is the letter (A, B, C, D) of a 1:25 000 Claim Reference Map:**

      e. g. 11E/01A, 11E/06B, 11E/10C, 11E/16D

  • **Claim Reference Maps are a unique Nova Scotia map series used by the province for the purpose of staking mineral claims. Each Claim Reference Map is one quarter of a standard 1:50 000 NTS sheet, lettered A, B, C and D in a clockwise manner from the southeast quarter of the 1:50 000 sheet

  • Enter your NTS search value in the NTS search window

  • Your search is executed when you click the Search and Display button

Sample Search

  • Exact NTS Search
    - click NTS Browse button to see listing of NTS values
    - use Go To button to search for your NTS value
    - click Checkbox to select 1 or more NTS value(s)
    - click Add/Back to Search button to add NTS value(s) to search window

Note: Exact NTS searches will return only documents that have been indexed with the selected NTS value, e. g. searching 11E/04 will return only those documents indexed as 11E/04, and will not retrieve any documents indexed as 11E/04A, 11E/04B, 11E/04C or 11E/04D. If you want to retrieve all documents on 11E/04, i. e. documents indexed as 11E/04 plus 11E/04A plus 11E/04B plus 11E/04C plus 11E/04D, then use 11E/04* in your search. If you only want to retrieve documents on map sheet 11E/04A (or B or C or D), then use 11E/04A (or B or C or D) as your NTS search value

  • Mulitple NTS Search

    • to find documents containing any of your NTS values, put a | symbol between the values:

      e. g. 11E/01|11E/02 finds documents indexed with 11E/01 OR 11E/02 in the NTS field


You cannot perform an AND search in the NTS Search window with two or more NTS values:

e. g. 11E/01&11E/02 will not work

You can perform an AND search using an NTS value and a value from another search field:

e. g. if you select Subjects = gold along with NTS = 11E/01, this search will find all the documents on NTS map sheet 11E/01 that contain gold in the Subjects field


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