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  • The Licence Type drop-down menu lists six different types of mineral licences/permits which are or were issued by the Mineral Resources Branch (and its predecessors) of the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources. These Licence Types are: Development Licence, Exploration Licence, Mining Lease, Mining Permit, Petroleum Licence and Special Licence

  • Development Licences were issued at the advanced exploration stage of a mineral property. They have now been replaced by Exploration Licences. Development Licences ceased to be issued by the Department in March 1991

  • Exploration Licences include both mineral exploration licences and prospecting licences. Prospecting Licences ceased to be issued by the Department in 1975

  • Mining Leases provide title to an orebody. In November 2004, the name was changed to Mineral Lease

  • Mining Permits provide the authority to mine an ore body. The Department no longer issues Mining Permits

  • Special Licences are issued by the Department for the exploration of certain types of commodities such as salt and potash, coal, tailings and geothermal energy, and for areas that have been subject to closure (areas which have been withdrawn from application for an exploration licence)

  • Petroleum Licences refers to licences issued in the past (up to 1985) by the Department for petroleum exploration. The legislative authority for issuing Petroleum Licences moved from the Department of Natural Resources to the Department of Energy. As a result, assessment reports submitted under these licences now go to the Department of Energy, and consequently, are no longer available to the NovaScan database

  • To select the Licence Type you want to search, click on the Licence Type name from the drop-down menu

  • If you want to search all the Licence Types simultaneously, click on All from the drop-down menu. All is the default selection


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