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  • Every mineral licence/permit issued by the Department of Natural Resources is given a number. In the NovaScan database, Licence Numbers are found only in assessment reports, property reports and occasionally in open file reports

  • Development Licences, Exploration Licences (which include Prospecting Licences), Petroleum Licences and Mining Permits use a four or five digit number, occasionally followed by a letter

  • Mining Leases and Special Licences use a numbering system unique to each licence type, which involves the year of issue and a sequential number

  • Development Licences are of the form: 0009, 0022, 0022A, 0115

  • Exploration Licences (including Prospecting Licences) are of the form: 0007, 0016, 0100, 9375, 00009, 00040, 00137, 01169, 01494A

  • Petroleum Licences are of the form: 0001, 0015, 0174, 0565

  • Mining Leases are of the form Year (last 2 digits) - Number: 73-1, 73-1-A, 93-2

  • Mining Permits are of the form: 0009, 0018, 0037

  • Special Licences are of the form Number/Year (last 2 digits): 1/02, 4/84, 6/96

  • Enter your number in the Licence Number search window

    e. g. 0009, 0022A, 73-1, 1/02

  • Your search is executed when you click the Search and Display button


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